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The early pattern of the 1930 Type summer helmet of the Imperial Japanese Naval Air Force was basically identical to a model already in use since the 1920s. It is constructed from six triangular leather segments and features a short, turn down bill which would be fixed in the up position by means of a stud fastener.

Two ear flaps covering the ear openings are buttoned down near the cheek while a leather chin strap is fixed on the right and buckles to the left.


A thin leather crown strap around the head is to be tightened by a small buckle at the rear, where two additional button down goggle straps complete the helmet which is lined with green cotton twill.

A typical IJNAF cloth patch which would feature information to ID the pilot is stitched to the rear near the nape while on the inside of the helmet we find a manufacturer's label.

Flat lens flying goggles

This style of early japanese flying goggles appeared in the 1930ies and remained popular well into WWII. Based upon the British Triplex models used first during WWI, it features alloy frames with silk spring loaded eyecups, the former holding flat teardrop shaped laminated safety lenses. Black velvet cushions provide a seal against the face. A wide elasticized adjustable strap completes the outfit.


No logo or manufacturer name can be found on the goggles themselves.


Japanese tanker goggles are of almost exactly the same design, a reported difference being light brown leather cushions and tan linen eyecups. Modern replicas are also reported to exist. Any information provided by visitors to positively ID this pair of goggles would be highly appreciated.





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