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IJAAF winter leather flying helmet.

This interesting variation of the standard IJAAF flying helmet consists of the same basic eight-piece pattern. The size marking on the left side above the chin strap indicates a size medium.


This specimen is constructed of light tan coloured leather and comes with a light brown and dark brown rabbit fur lining. While it features the usual army aviation characteristics like army star, chin strap, double ring buckles, two goggle retaining straps and a tightening strap at the rear, it lacks the normally prominent hard leather ear cups.

Instead, the lateral ear openings, reinforced with pressed red brown leather rings, feature internal and external fur lining. This, while providing protection against the cold, obviously enhances the quality of hearing, thus facilitating inter-crew vocal communication. Additionally, a strip of rabbit fur is stitched to the front of the helmet, partially hiding the typical Imperial Japanese army star while. In combination with a pair of flying goggles or a goggle mask this would effectively seal the wearer's face against the elements.

Another particularity is the metal chin strap guide stitched to the left cheek flap, the former being embossed with the writing “DEPONIRT” (translated from old fashioned German, meaning “deposited”, i.e. normally indicating a registered patent).


Photographic evidence of such a helmet in actual use is still missing, thus any help or contribution from our visitors would be highly appreciated.





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