Mostra altro






Palmgrens type 3 cloth flying helmet.

This third type of standardized Palmgrens flying helmet consists of five segments of soft yellow canvas, structured around a top centerpiece, with green cloth inner lining.


A leather strap is attached to the left cheek, while a two-ring buckle with leather fitting and strap guiding loop is attached to the right cheek.


The ear openings have a yellow fur trim on the inside, while on the outside we find two leather ear cups, marked EKA, which are sewn onto the helmet. These cups can be opened by zippers.

On the outside of the ear cups there are two metal studs to presumably fix an oxygen mask provided with attachment hooks. Inside the ear cups, a pressed leather structure is forming a ring shaped pocket for earphones, secured by a single press stud at the top.

A leather reinforced O2 mask hook is riveted to the right cheek, and two press studs (marked CARR UNITED) on left cheek are intended for fixing the mask’s attachment straps. 

Such arrangement can be seen on other flying helmets using the type A-14 oxygen mask.


Finally, there are two rear goggle strap retaining loops, secured by push buttons, while a system of retaining straps, loops and buttons serve to attach the Y-shaped communication equipment pocket.