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Swedish Air Force Palmgrens Type 2 leather flying helmet.

The second series of standardized Flygvapnet flying helmets manufactured by Palmgrens was the type 2, consisting of five segments of soft black leather including a long, narrow centerpiece.

A quilted black cloth lining with sewn-on manufacturer's label "Sadelmakeri Joh. Palmgren, Stockholm" provides further insulation.

Outside we can find a leather strap attached to the left cheek, and a two-ring buckle with leather fitting and strap guiding loop attached to the right cheek.

The ear openings have a yellow fur trim, while on the outside there are two leather ear cups, the latter lined with the same black cloth ,sewn onto the helmet.

These ear cups can be opened by zippers, which are marked GUSUM. Inside the cups, an inner leather structure is forming a ring shaped leather pocked for radio earphones, secured by a single press stud at the bottom.


There are no provisions for fitting later style oxygen equipment. Anyway, early style masks were attached by means of their proper strap arrangement. At the rear, there is one central rear goggle strap retaining loop, secured by a push button.

In Sweden, the Type A-7 was designated ME-360, while the Type A-8 was the ME-420. Both were modified US masks manufactured by the Swedish company AGA.

Aerobehör flying goggles

These flying goggles were manufactured by AB Aerobehör, Stockholm, and are constructed around a pair of chrome plated alloy frames.

These frames, connected by a hinged, H-shaped nose bridge, feature large streamlined air vents riveted at the top and small ones at the bottom.


The clear, curved laminated glass lenses can be removed and replaced by opening the frames and the corresponding  securing hinges, which also serve as goggle strap attachments.


At the lower part of the frames, there are additional loops the exact purpose of which is still under debate.

A one-piece chamois lined rubber face cushion is sewn to the frames, with additional felt reinforcement in the nose area for wearer's comfort, providng insulation and enhanced sealing against wind and flying particles.

The removable goggle strap is attached to the frames by means of openable metal hinges, while the leather reinforcement loops bear the Aerobehör logo on an enamel disc.


The strap is a sturdy construction of two spring loaded canvas straps and a thick leather centerpiece, adjustable by a metal friction buckle.

The overall construction, shape and quality of manufacture resemble very much the French CÉBÉ4000 design as well as the USN Willson Mk.I, while the adjustable, partly elastizised strap was definitely inspired by British early WWII goggle straps.



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