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Swedish Air Force Aerobehör leather flying helmet

Additionally to Palmgrens products, the Flygvapnet also used this Aerobehör leather flying helmet. It is constructed of five segments of black leather, structured around a top centerpiece, and coated with yellow (acrylic?) paint.


Inside, we find a quilted black satin lining, marked with a red Tre Kronor ink stamp.


A leather strap is attached to left cheek, while a two-ring buckle (the leather fitting seems to be a replacement) and strap guiding loop attached to right cheek provide a snug fit to the wearer's head.


The ear openings have a yellow fur trim. The two external leather ear cups are sewn onto the helmet, equipped with zippers.

Inside the ear cups, a pressed leather structure is forming a ring-shaped leather pocket to accept ear receivers, secured by a press stud at the top.


The outfit is completed by two rear goggle strap retaining loops, secured by push buttons, and a system of retaining straps, loops and buttons to attach the Y-shaped communication equipment pocket.

Mk.IIIa flying goggles

This combo includes British Mk.IIIa flying goggles, which are prominently marked with a Swedish Tre Kronor stamp on the goggle strap, plus the year 1940. There is also a very faintly discernable stamp eading F 10, i.e. identifiying these goggles as having being used with the 10th wing.

The tenth wing (F10) initiated as a detachment located at Svea Wing (F8) during the summer of 1940. On October 1st of the same year it was relocated to Bulltofta Airport near Malmö to deter foreign aircraft during the war. Initially it consisted of two squadrons of J8's (Gloster Gladiators) inherited from F8 wing, which were replaced within a year by three squadrons of J20's (Reggiane Re.2000 Falco). A decision to relocate the wing to a new base at Barkåkra near Ängelholm was eventually realized in 1945, now equipped with FFVS J22 fighters.


J11 (Fiat CR.42) pilot wearing Aerobehör flying helmet

SK25 (Bü 181) pilot and Flygvapen pilot wearing Aerobehör

flying helmets, with Aerobehör (left) and t/45 (right) goggles

J9 (Seversky P-35) pilot wearing Mk.IIIa goggles


Flygvapnet Bücker Bü 181 Bestmann (SK25) pilot wearing Aerobehör flying helmet and Aerobeh
Flygvapnet pilot wearing Aerobehör flyin helmet and t_45 flying goggles
Flygvapnet pilot wearing Mk.IIIa flying goggles
Fiat CR.42 (J11) pillot wearing Aerobehör flying helmet
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