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Type C, first pattern, unwired FAA leather helmet

Stores Ref. No. 22C/449-452


With the introduction of the RAF Type C flying helmet in 1941 it was also issued to Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm aircrew. As the FAA in WWII was under the jurisdiction of the Air Ministry it received the same basic clothing and equipment like the Royal Air Force.


The naval flyers received a slightly different variant which retained the bulbous zipped up earphone compartments of the Type B helmet. Specially designed internal rubber sockets allowed the installation of radio telephone receivers and Gosport tubes.

This specific specimen features a Royal Navy stamp embossed on the chin strap. It is equipped with stud fasteners on both sides which allow the attachment of Type E, Type E*, Txpe G and possibly Type H oxygen  masks.



Mk VIII flying goggles, early pattern


This early version of the Mk VIII goggles introduced in 1943 differs from later issue goggles by the simpler construction nosebridge consisting of a rectangular wire. The brass frames were painted in a dark grey colour. For a more detailed description of the Mk VIII goggles please click HERE.



Mk VIII early
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