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Type C, second pattern, internally wired, FAA leather helmet

Stores Ref. No. 22C/449-452

With the Type B helmet, also used by the Fleet Air Arm, becoming obsolete, the Royal Navy adopted the newly arrived Type C.

They chose to retain the bulbous zipped up earphone compartments with rubber sockets. The advantage was that with this layout both electronic ear receivers as well as Gosport receivers could be incorporated into the helmet.

Both first and second pattern Type C helmets were produced with the basic fittings and improvements identical to their RAF counterparts.

The resemblance of this variant with the “classic” Type B may be tricky for the unaware inexperienced “rookie” collector. In fact, this specimen was purchased many years ago by the author of this article, mislead by the fact that this helmet was advertised as a “Type B”.

Mk VIII flying goggles

Stores Ref. No. 22C/930

Please click here for a detailed description of the ubiquitous Mk VIII goggles.


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