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German Luftstreitkräfte, Döberitz issued intermediate hard shell crash helmet


This black “Roold inspired” helmet consists of a lightweight cork shell covered with oilcloth. With its bumper pad along the brim it could be considered as an “intermediate crash helmet” between the French Roold and the standard German crash helmet, which appeared about mid-war. The inside dome of the helmet is covered with cotton twill and there is a black leather nine-finger adjustable liner.


The earflaps buckle under the chin and feature a symbolized wheel in metal. The helmet is marked with various (faintly recognizable) “Döberitz” stamps. In Döberitz, about 25km west of Berlin, the German Army operated a military training ground with arsenal, barracks, airfield, flying school and reportedly a military clothing depot, including garments for aviators.


Added protection against the adverse climatic conditions in open cockpits is provided by a pair of early aviator/motoring goggles and a knitted wool balaclava.


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