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Type LKpN101 net flying helmet, second pattern

Netzkopfhaube Gr. ?

Baumuster L Kp N 101Gerät-Nr 124-452A-2

Werk Nr -/-

Anf. Z. Lr 26670

Hersteller hdc

The second version of the Netzkopfhaube was simplified by retaining only the stud fastenings  for two-strap oxygen masks and by omitting the rear adjustments straps. Nevertheless in order to still provide a snug fit the back of the helmet was now elasticized.

This specimen is equipped with a 1.30m long lead to be used (normally) in large aircraft with GBz Brechkupplung FL 27560 and black oval bakelit carbon laryngophones  Type M4b Ln 26779-2.

This is a simplified version of the comfortable, thus very popular Netzkopfhaube. Constructed of lightweight cotton mesh it is reinforced with bands of cotton webbing over the top and around the back. It features chamois lined leather across the brow and fur lined leather earphone cups mounted on either side of the helmet containing the radio receivers and incorporating the goggle retaining straps. This Netzkopfhaube has no chin strap and was designed for wearing the two-strap and double-strap oxygen masks, thus featuring stud fasteners only.

This helmet is equipped with oval shaped carbon throat microphones, which are installed in two adjustable leather neck straps. These straps can be quickly joined by a snap fastener and are linked by an inverted "T" shaped leather envelope at the nape of the helmet. The latter also serves as a junction between the internal wiring and the plug-in connector. This helmet is wired with a 1m lead.

These new neck straps were a vast improvement over the earlier style used in the LKpW/S100 series' helmets, which tended to throttle the wearer if too tight.


The laryngophone closure, in this case a single snap fastener, was reportedly tight but comfortable.


Model 6701-2 oxygen mask

(with non-original straps and attachments) 

Manufacturer: bwz / Auer, Berlin

Production date: March 1944

Size: 2 


Generally referred to as the fighter or fighter-bomber mask, the 10-6701 was a development from the 10-67 featuring a newly-designed double-strap harness. Intended to be used with the Netzkopfhaube LkpN101 and other helmets with two strap fittings it comprises two lengths of ribbed elastic, the top strap buttoning to the front of the mask while the lower strap passing under the mask body. To the left the mask was attached by a wire loop to a stud fixed to the flying helmet, while on the right a quick release hook clipped onto another stud.

Overall construction was lightened by omitting the double cavity wall and the frostbite shield.

Intended to replace the 10-69 fighter mask it represented essentially no improvement mainly due to the somewhat weaker two-strap arrangement, so many specimen were eventually retrofitted with three-strap harnesses.


Splitterschutzbrille, second pattern


Please click here for a general description of the Splitterschutzbrille.

The second version appeared in 1940 and retained the same lenses (tinted Ultrasin for sun protection or now also clear glass) like its predecessor in rigid frames. The main difference is the ribbed elastic strap which replaced the folding arms.


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