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The SAAB Scania - Aerospace Division FT-8 (Flytväst 8) was tested during the 1985 evaluation for a life vest with automatic activation to be provided to jet pilots. In GRD tests done in a swimming pool by pilots equipped with various parachute and harnesses (Mirage/Tiger/ Hunter), the FT-8 ( -XB version) proved to be the best. However, because of its complex and expensive electro-mechanical activation system, the second-ranked LG model 1181 was the one being selected. 

In the pictures above a FT-8 specimen as used during the same period by the Swedish Air Force on SAAB 37 Viggen. 


Here a picture taken after a F/A-18 flight made in St.Luis during May 1987 by Brigadier Fernand Carrel.


To his right John Capellupo, McDonnell Douglas Vice-President and General Manager for the Hornet programme, to his left test pilot Glen Larson.

Interestingly, Brigadier Carrel wears an FT-8 life vest, probably taking the opportunity to test its compatibility with the Hornet.


The vest is "neutral" ( without the bracket for the oxygen regulator and the connector for the PSP lanyard) so most probably one of those being evaluated.

Picture taken from the book “ Schweizer Luftwaffe, evaluieren-erproben-entscheiden", published with the kind permission from the author.

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