Our PC-9 pilot is signing the log of the aircraft before boarding or a tow target mission in favour of anti-aircraft artillery on the S-chanf Range, Graubünden. He’s equipped with a CWU-27 flight suit and:


-  HGU-55/ P Helmet; (with anti-neodymium laser visor)

-  HA-LP/ PPB Oxygen Mask;

-  CWU-27/ P Flight Suit;

-  PU-CH-07 Life Jacket;

-  GS/FRP-2 Gloves

-  Pilotenschuhe 06

-  BFA- AGH-1 anti-g Garment.

Left - the leather "Pilotenjacke" replaced in 2003 by a new garment availabe in two versions, respectively "Sommerjacke 03" for warm climates, and the one suitable for winter/cold weather, the "Winterjacke 03".