BAe HAWK Mk.66 PILOT, 1994 



This Hawk pilot is wearing a HGU-55 helmet  fitted with PRU-36 double visor assy and a MBU-5/ P "Black Shell" oxygen mask.

The black shell known to be more rigid compared to the previous green one, so able to withstand pressure differences better.

Completing the equipment are a Lifeguard 1073A Life Vest, GS/FRP-2 Gloves, a BFA (Ballonfabrik Augsburg) AGH-1 anti-g Garment, 

Pilotenschuhe 92 and an AIWA/Dictaphone micro cassette recorder. 


Dictaphone (LH) and AIWA (RH) micro cassette recorders, both used as "Cockpit Voice Recorders".

They were connected to the aircraft's comm system via the pictured adapters, fitted to the anti-G garment by means of the displayed velcroed pouch.

Both devices were tested and selected due to their capability to withstand to g-forces mantaining good recording quality.