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The Mk.1 was used in the late '50 mostly during tests and while conveying Hunters from Great Britain to Switzerland.


With no fixed visor, it was worn with flying goggles (Mk VIII) similar to those provided to RAF World War II pilots .  


Due to this antiquated arrangement the helmet assembly was considered by our 1950 experts as not suitable for use on jets and in case of ejection.


It was normally worn with an H-Type or a British modified MS22001 then identified as A-13A/2 oxygen mask (see pictures).


The Mk.1 consists of an inner fabric helmet (F-Type or G-Type) and a protective hard shell, the latter originally painted white for the Air Defence  and grey for General Purpose version.


Being a rather new design for that era, such equipment was nicknamed "Bone Dome" or "Brain Bucket".



Federal Councillor Paul Chaudet ( right)  was  hosted as passenger for  a  (supersonic) Hunter flight with  Hawker chief test pilot Bill Bedford.  For the flight he was provided with a Mk.1 "Bone Dome" and MS22001 oxygen mask .

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