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In the early postwar years, the Swiss manufactured their own version of the German Netzkopfhaube (net or mesh helmet) under the designation Netzfunkhaube PA-542 (mesh radio helmet). It came in the sizes 55 to 60, indicated by the suffix of the PA number, e.g. PA-542-58. It was officially designed to be used as a summer helmet in Morane fighters.

While being very similar to its German cousin in construction and appearance, the main difference lies in their earpiece padding, respectively insulation, and of course the Swiss 6-pole plug. Pictures show pilots with this type of flying helmet mostly in Morane D-3801/02/03 and K+W C-3604 aircraft. The goggles are of the ubiquitous Mod. 1050 type, designated PA-511, manufactured under Ratti license in Switzerland reportedly by a company run by Willi Werner.

As this company is unknown to us, any information by our visitors is welcome.


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