Along with the MBU-13/P or shortly afterwards, during the mid to late 80's, Swiss AF evaluated the NBC protective hood MBU-19/P.

Identified as AERPS (Aircrew Eye Respiratory Protective System), or PIHM (Protective Integrated Hood Mask), the MBU-19 consists of a protective bromobutyl adjustable hood fitted with a standard MBU-12/P oxygen mask and drinking facilities.

Its breathing manifold allows the selection between the aircraft oxygen system and ambient air through a C2A1 NBC filter cartridge.

An electrically operated blower (CQU-7/P, according pictures looks Swiss AF tested also alternate units) provides filtered air when crew not connected to aircraft oxygen system, when connected, the blower ensure positive pressure condition in the hood.

We have not (yet) found any details about the tests performed, however photographs of the time show it used with a HGU-55. 

As the MBU-13, the MBU-19 was never put into service.

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