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JHMCS FlSt 17  


The Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS) is a modified HGU-55/P helmet that incorporates a visor-projected Head-Up Display (HUD) to cue weapons and sensors to the target.


This new cueing system improves effectiveness in both Air-to-Air

and Air-to-Ground missions. In close combat, a pilot must currently align the aircraft to shoot at a target.


JHMCS allows the pilot to simply look at a target to shoot. This system projects visual targeting and aircraft performance information on the back of the helmet's visor, enabling the pilot to monitor this information without interrupting his field of view through the cockpit canopy.


The system uses a magnetic tracking system to define helmet pointing positioning.


A Helmet Vehicle Interface (HVI) interacts with the aircraft system bus to provide signal generation for the helmet display; this provides significant improvement for close combat targeting and engagement.


The shell is taped with SOLAS reflective tape.

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