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This is one of the pre-production T&E (test and evaluation) helmets developed by Gentex during the '80 in order to replace those  in use by the US Navy.

It consists of a modified HGU-55/P fiberglass shell (cut back in the temple region for maximum peripheral vision), referred as "HGU-55/P modified - Tactical Air Helmet" (TAC-AIR).

The helmet is fitted with a new developed low profile single visor system qualified at 600 KEAS (Knots Equivalent Air Speed), the EEU-7/P.

Although it was among the helmets assessed by the Swiss AF, it is not mentioned in the documentation available to us as having been evaluated in detail.    

Proposed as a common helmet for the USN/USMC and USAF, it was rejected by the latter (which retained the HGU-55/P) but accepted by the USN/USMC, with some imprevements, as HGU-68/P TACtical AIRcrew (TACAIR).


The helmet has some interesting features: among others, the visor with black rail guides instead of the later clear ones, the visor knob guide has no removal tab, the guide itself is made in one single piece; the visor tracks are also different as the ones installed on later production helmets; The side leather is trimmed smaller as the visor cover snaps fitted higher compared to "in service" 68's.

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