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HGU-55 FlSt 11 - 3M 580 TAPED



As issued to F/A-18 Hornet pilots, this variant is equipped with an HA/LP-PPB oxygen mask featuring a 3 pin connector at the end of the hose, coiled communication cord Type CX-13126/A and AM-7067/A delta block amplifier, with coiled extension cable.

Note also the typical Swiss AF boom mike bracket near the L/H oxygen mask bayonet receiver.


Owing  to the fact that the Swiss AF is attending international exercises over the North Sea with their F/A-18's, the helmets are taped with "3M" Scotchlite 580/ 680 ("early" helmets employed during transition courses in the US) or "SOLAS" (Safety On Land And Sea) reflecting tape, thus enhancing the chance to locate a ditched pilot with the searchlights of SAR (Search And Rescue) units.


On top of the helmet a velcro patch is applied in order to install a distress strobe light or to fit a device linked to flight simulator activity.

This device selects the simulator display area the pilot is looking at, in order to have the targeted zone sharply focused, leaving the rest at lower resolution, in order to enhance simulator computer performance.


A "Fliegerstaffel 11 - Tigers" emblem is applied on the rear of the helmet.

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