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Oberleutenant Ernst Saxer HGU-2 A/P repro.


As a professional graphic designer - he designed the final version of the FlSt 10 logo - and photographer, Mr. Saxer was a military pilot as well.

In this function he was appointed by the Flugwaffe as the official photo reporter during the 1965-1966 Swiss AF live firing trials of the HM-55S (AIM-26B) Falcon air to air missile that took place at Holloman AFB, New Mexico, USA.


While taking pictures of the Falcon-equipped Mirage III S (J-2302) from the chase plane, a F-100F Super Sabre, he was wearing a USAF provided HGU-2 A/P like the one pictured, with MBU-5 mask, instead of his standard mount, the H-5.


After the trials were completed, he kept the helmet and took it to Switzerland. He can be seen wearing it on a number of pictures of the time, fitted with a (self modified ??) MS22001.


In order to not interfere with the visor, he cut the top section of the T-bayos, and modified the mask suspension straps accordingly. 


Oblt. Saxer died tragically on April 18, 1968 near the Axalp air force shooting range during a photo session, when he was struck by a Hawker Hunter whose pilot, dazzled by the sun, hit the ground on the spot he was standing.

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