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One of the two last H-5 assignments within the Swiss Air Force was service with the airbase rescue and salvage crews.

(the other one was during  water ditching training sessions)


Every airbase was provided with a kit containing a pilot helmet, an oxygen mask and a flying suit in order to train rescue teams (UP - Unfallpikett) by towing a (supposedly crashed) aircraft onto the runway with a figurant or a "real" pilot strapped into the cockpit to be "rescued".


The helmet had all the avionics removed and was set up in order to visually simulate the actual helmets in use (as HGU-55 for instance).


Helmet and oxygen mask were connected to the aircraft systems in order to train the rescue team personnel to disunite the various connections.


The pictured oxygen mask is fitted with an AMP connector suitable for Mirage III oxy system.  




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