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The Gueneau (Geno) 316 was tested in different aircraft/ helicopters in the original french configuration .

ULMER masks, 79 N, 82 A, and 82 H, tested together with the helmet were declared as not suitable or not fit for military use (“Nicht Truppentauglich”). Rectifying the identified deficiencies possibly involving considerable expense, efforts to achieve it not put into action.

Based on the test performed, already in service oxygen masks could be adapted to the 316. For the school and training aircraft (DH-100/ DH-115), A-13A/ MS22001; for DH-112, Hunter and Mirage the MBU-5/P, needing only the modification of their harness for “single strap” installation.

More on tested and Swiss Gueneau 316 HERE


The locally manufactured adapter  for use on Pilatus PC-7.  

Gueneau 316 and ULMER 82 oxygen mask on Mirage III.

Note the mask modified comm harness.  

Gueneau 316 and MBU-5 oxygen mask  also on Mirage III.

Decorated anti scratch leather padding is applied to the helmet's shell.  

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