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In order to test the integration of the system composed by the Hughes TARAN radar and the air to air GAR-11A / HM-55S Falcon missile, live shooting by a Swiss AF Mirage III S (J-2302) took place in 1965/ 66 in the USA at the White Sands Missile Range,

Holloman AFB , New Mexico.


The aircraft was disassembled, loaded into a USAF C-130 Hercules and shipped to the USA. 

After the aircraft had been reassembled, post-assembly technical flights were carried out by a test pilot of the Mirage manufacturer (Générale Aéronautique Marcel Dassault - GAMD) wearing a Gueneau 312 flight helmet like the one shown on this page.

The live firing flights were carried out by Swiss GRD (Gruppe für Rüstungsdienste - Armament Services Group) and Hughes pilots.


The integration test series included 295 flights and 42 live firings.

J-2302 returned to Switzerland in August 1966.



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