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The orange version of the Pilotenkombi 50 had a few differences: the manufacture with a heavier type of cotton than the grey Pkombi 50 and the shape of the collar.

It was used primarily by GRD (the Federal Procurement Agency, Gruppe für Rüstungsdienste - Armament Services Group) and helicopter pilots, but was also worn over a period of time by the Patrouille Suisse (PS) pilots . 


Apart from the heavy fabric and colour, the suit was configured like the Pilotenkombi 50.  

An interesting GRD modiefied orange suit: the GRD was created as a consequence of the Mirage affair for the purpose of disentangling military command and purchasing power.

The predecessor organisation, the War Technology Division (KTA - Kriegstechnische Abteilung), was spun off from the armed forces and the entire procurement and production of army material (federal armament companies) was transferred to the new Group for Armament Services (GRD).

As a result, the test pilots who flew in that environment were not subject to the military structure; this suit in fact shows the rank holder closed by a Velcro strip for the name patch, the application of a pocket for a name/ID badge and two supplemental velcro pads. 

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