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covering the period until 1950



Ailsby, Christopher J.; The Luftwaffe - a Collectors Guide (Ian Allan publishing)

Aldebol, Anthony, Lt. Col.;  AAF and USAF Decorations, Medals, Ribbons, Badges and Insignia 1941-1947 (MOA Press)

Angolia, John R. & Schlicht, Adolf;  Uniforms and Tradition of the Luftwaffe Volume 1-3 (R.James Bender Puplishing)

---     Aviator Uniforms and Equipment of IJN (Model Art)

Baldwin, R.E. & McGarry, Thomas W.;  Last Hope - The Blood Chit Story (Schiffer Military/Military History)

Bowman, Martin; B-17 Combat Missions (Barnes & Noble) 

Brayley, Martin J; The USAAF Airman Service and Survival 1941 - 1945 (The Crowood Press)

Breuninger, Michael S.; United States Combat Aircrew Survival Equipment WWII to the Present (Schiffer Military/Military History)

Chapelle, Bruno; Les Ailes Françaises sous l'Uniforme 1912 - 1945 (Self Publishing)

Cormack, Andrew / Volstad, Ron; The Royal Air Force 1939-45 (Osprey Men-at-Arms 225)

Davis, Brian L; Uniforms and Insignia of the Luftwaffe Vol 1: 1933-1940 / Vol 2: 1940-1945 (Arms and Armour)

Deutsche Historische Luftwaffen Technik; Fliegersonderausrüstung der Piloten der ehemaligen deutschen Luftwaffe 1935-45

Falconer, Jonathan; RAF Bomber Crewman (Shire Library)

Feist, Uwe / McGuirl, Thomas; Luftwaffe Diary Vol. 2 (Ryton Publications)

Ferrara, Chris; US 8th AF Combat Flying Gear WW2 (ISO Pictorial Series 1)

Fremont-Barnes, Gregory & O'Brogain, Sean; American Bomber Crewman 1941-45 (Osprey Warrior 119)

Greer, Louise & Harold, Anthony; Flying Clothing, the Story of its Development (Airlife Publishing)

Hargis, Robert & White, John; US Naval Aviator 1941-45 (Osprey Warrior 52)

Hobart, Malcom C.; Badges and Uniforms of the RAF (Sword Books Collectors Series)

Jurado, Carlos Caballero; The Condor Legion (Osprey Elite 131)

King, Kevin / Humphrey, Dave; Flight Equipment of the R.A.F. 1920-1945 (Acme Publishing)

Kraft; H.D.; Fliegersonderbekleidung und Ausrüstung (Militär-Verlag Klaus D. Patzwall, Norderstedt)

Maguire, John A.; Gear Up! Flight Clothing & Equipment of USAAF Airmen in WWII (Schiffer Military/Aviation History)

Maguire, Jon A.; Silver Wings, Pinks & Greens (Schiffer Military/Military History),

Maquire, Jon A.; More Silver Wings, Pinks & Greens (Schiffer Military/Military History)

Maquire, Jon A. & Conway, John P.; American Flight Jackets (Schiffer Military/Military History)

Marriot-Smith, A.J.; Aeronautica, Collectables relating to Military and Naval Air Force of the World 1914-1984 (Arms and Armour)

Marzetti, Paolo; Tenute di volo della 2a Guerra Mondiale (Albertelli)

McCarter, Robert S.; One-man Pneumatic Life Rafts Survival Kits of WW2 (Schiffer Military History)

Moran, Pat & Maguire, Jon; German Headgear in WWII, Army, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine (Schiffer Military/Military History)

Nelson, Derek & Parsons, Dave; A-2 & G-1 Flight Jackets (MBI Publishing Company)

Nila, Gary & Younghusband, Bill; Japanese Naval Aviation Uniforms and Equipment 1937-45 (Osprey Elite 86)

Pons, Gregory; 8th Air Force: American Heavy Bomber Groups in England 1942-1945 (Histoire & Collections)

Pons, Gregory; 9th Air Force: American Tactical Aviation in the ETO, 1942-1945  (Histoire & Collections)

Prodger, Mick; Luftwaffe vs. RAF: Flying Clothing of the Air War, 1939-45 (Schiffer Military/Aviation History)

Prodger, Mick; Luftwaffe vs. RAF: Flying Equipment of the Air War, 1939-45 (Schiffer Military/Aviation History)

Prodger, Mick; Vintage Flying Helmets: Aviation Headgear Before the Jet Age (Schiffer Military/Aviation History)

Robertson, Bruce; Air Memorabilia - A Collectors Guide (Ian Allan publishing)

Rottman, Gordon L. & Chin, Francis; US Army Air Force (1) (Osprey Elite 46)

Rottman, Gordon L. & Chin, Francis; US Army Air Force (2) (Osprey Elite 51)

Ruffner / Stedman / Volstad / Chappell; Luftwaffe 1939-1945, Luftstreitkräfte, Bodentruppen und Felddivisionen (Siegler)

Ruffner, Kevin Conley & Stedman, Robert F.; Luftwaffe 1939-1945 (Brandenburgisches Verlagshaus)

Skötte, Anders; German Luftwaffe Flight Headgear of WW II (Reddick Enterprises)

--- Spalding Aviator's Clothing & Equipment in the 1920s-1930s (Schiffer Military/Military History)

Spaziani, Alberto; Caschi da Volo Radiotelefonici della Regia Aeronautica - R. A. Radiotelephonics Flying Helmets (IBN Editore)

Spaziani, Alberto; Flying Equipment of the Italian Air Force in World War II (Schiffer Publishing)

Stedman, Robert F. & Chappell, Mike; Luftwaffe Air & Ground Crew 1939-45 (Osprey Men-at-Arms 377)

Stedman, Robert F. & Hook, Adam; Kampfflieger: Bomber Crewman of the Luftwaffe 1939-45 (Osprey Warrior 99)

Stedman, Robert F. & Kopinsky Karl; Jagdflieger: Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot 1939-45 (Osprey Warrior 122)

Sweeting, C.G.; Combat Flying Clothing: Army Air Forces Clothing during WWII (Smithsonian Institution Press, 1984)

Sweeting, C.G.;  Combat Flying Equipment: U.S. Army Aviator's Personal Equipment, 1917-1945 (Smithsonian Institution Press,1989)

Tagaya, Osamu & White, John; Imperial Japanese Naval Aviator 1937-45 (Osprey Warrior 55)

Version Deutsch: Die deutsche Wehrmacht, Uniformierung und Ausrüstung 1933-1945 - Die Luftwaffe (Motorbuch Verlag)

Warner, Jeff; US Naval Aviation Flying Clothing and Gear (U. S. Navy Uniforms in World War II Series)

Weld, Jim; Flying Headgear of the World, 1934-1945 

White, John / Tagaya, Osamu; Imperial Japanese Naval Aviator 1937-45 (Osprey Warrior 55)

Willis, Ron L. & Carmichael, Thomas; United States Navy Wings of Gold (Schiffer Military/Military History)





How Flyers Breath at Extreme High Altitudes (Popular Science Magazine, Nov 1943)





RAF; German Oxygen Equipment (Final Report No.318, 1945)

Swiss Air Force; Instruments (Air Pub. 1275 Vol I, 1939-1943)

Swiss Air Force; Schwimmwesten (T 342, 1945)

Swiss Air Force; Höhenatmungsgerät Munerelle AGM 40 (202a d/f, 1947)

Swiss Air Force; Mehrzwecke Militärflugzeug C-35 (1938)

Swiss Air Force; Verhalten Notlandung/Fallschirm (56.14 d/f, 1953)

USAAF;Oxygen Equipment (T.O. 03-50-1, 1 JUL 1945)

USAAF; Pilots Information File / PIF (1 AUG 1945)

USAAF; Reference Manual for Personal Equipment Officers (AAF Manual 55-0-1, JUN 1945)

USAAF; Your Body in Flight (T.O. No. 00-25-13, 27 JUL 1943)

Department of the Air Force; German Aviation Medicine of World War II Vol 1 - 2

USAAF; Handbook on Pressure-Breathing Demand Oxygen Equipment (T.O. NO. 03-50-31, July 30, 1944)

USAAF; Notes on the Use of Oxy Equip. for Fighter Pilots and P.R.U. - ref. to the P-38, P-47 and P-51 (AF Man. NO 34, July 1944)

USAAF; Reference Manual for Personal Equipment Officers - AAF Manual 5-0-1 (Reprint: Petersen G)

USAAF; Survival at Altitude for Heavy and Very Heavy Bomber Crews (Prepared by 2nd A.F. Altitude Indoctrination Unit)

USAAF; Use of Oxygen and Oxygen Equipment (T. O. NO. 03-50-1, July 1, 1943)

USAAF; Operation and Service Instructions, Parachutes, Conventional Type Man Caying (T. O. NO. 13-5-2, May 15, 1943)


covering the period from 1950 until TODAY 


Baudillon, Laurent; L'Histoire des Mirages Suisses ( Swiss Aviation Photography Edition)

Borgeaud, Gunti, Lewis; Hunter, ein Jäger für die Schweiz ( Goat Works, Inc.)

Borgeaud, Gunti; Mirage, das fliegende dreieck ( Goat Works, Inc.)

Breuninger, Michael S.; Jet Age Flight Helmets - Aviation Headgear in the modern Age (Schiffer Publ.)

Halberstadt, Hans & Mike; Bone Domes & Speed Jeans (Windrows & Greene)

Imai, Kesaharu; Flight Jacket All Catalog  (Imai K. Ed. - World Mook)

Imai, Kesaharu; Suit Up! - The Flight Jacket  (Imai K. Ed. - World Mook)

Jenkins, Dennis; Dressing for Altitude ( NASA)

Johnson, Lawrence H; Winged Sabres - Air Cavalry in VN (Stackpole Books)

Johnson,Richard D.; Tiger Patterns - A guide to the VN War Tigerstripe (Schiffer Military History)

Kozloski, Lilian D.; US Space Gear - Outfitting the Astronaut  (Airlife)

Lyles, Kevin; Vietnam: US uniforms in colour photographs (Europa Militaria Special 3)

Mallan, Lloyd; Suiting up For Space - The Evolution of Space Suit (The John Day Co.)

Mersky, Peter; F-8 Crusader Units of the VN War (Osprey Combat Aircraft 7)

Mersky, Peter; US Navy & Marine Corps A-4 Skyhawk Units of the VN War (Osprey Combat Aircraft 69)

Nelson, Derek & Parsons, Dave; US Navy Air Patches 1920 to today  (MBI Publishing Company)

Stanton, Shelby; US Army Uniforms of the VN War (Stackpole Books)

Wilson, Richard E.; US Marine Corps Unit Insignia in VN 1961-1975 (Shiffer Military History)

Wise, Alan R; MiG Pilot - Russian Aircrew Survival Equipment and Instruction (Shiffer Military History)



Militaria-Armes Magazine (various  issues) - Histoire & Collections Ed.



Swiss Air Force; Pilotenhandbuch P-2 05 (56-189d)

Swiss Air Force; Pilotenhandbuch P-3 03-05 (56-198d)

Swiss Air Force; Pilotenhandbuch C-3605 (56-152d)

Swiss Air Force; Pilotenhandbuch DH-100 (56-118d)

Swiss Air Force; Pilotenhandbuch DH-112 (56-206d)

Swiss Air Force; Manuel du Pilote DH-115 (56-210f)

Swiss Air Force; Pilotenhandbuch Hunter Mk 58/ 68 (56-226d)

Swiss Air Force; Pilotenhandbuch Mirage III S (56-158d)

Swiss Air Force; Pilotenhandbuch Mirage III RS (56-159d)

Swiss Air Force; Pilotenhandbuch Mirage III DS (56-160d)

Swiss Air Force; Pilotenhandbuch PC-6 (56-195d)

Swiss Air Force; Pilotenhandbuch PC-7 (56-214d)

Swiss Air Force; Pilotenhandbuch PC-9 (56-215d)

Swiss Air Force; Pilotenhandbuch Alouette III (56-110d)

Swiss Air Force; Weisungen über das Verhalten bei Notlandung oder Fallschirmabsprung (56-14d/f)

Swiss Air Force; Notpakete für Mirage/ Hunter/ DH-112/ Tiger  (448-V2.3 d/f)

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