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Airaile Type 15 leather flying helmet

E. Guéneau & Cie

6, Faubourg Saint-Honoré – Paris (8*)

Size 60

With manufacturers Guéneau and Zinszner sharing the rights of the « Airaille », the following practise was adopted :

Guéneau helmets were labelled « Airaile » with one « L »

Zinszner helmets were labelled « Airaille » with two « L ».


The Airaile Type 15 represents the post WWII development of the Airaille Type 11. It appeard in the late 1940s and remained in use well into the jet era (e.g. on French Dh 100 Vampires alias S.N.C.A.S.E. SE-532/535 Mistral) until the introduction of ejection seats called for « real » hardshell helmets.

The basic construction is very similar to the wartime Type 11, with a few important differences.

The lateral oxygen mask attachment clips were replaced by snap fasteners near the pilot's cheekbones. By consequence the shape of this part of the helmet now showed a slight curve. This snap and hook arrangment – typical for late-war Allied flying helmets – allowed to attach the standard British H-Type oxygen mask. Chamois donuts inside the shell improved sound insulation and wearing comfort.

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