21.10.2020  Today the test pilots most appreciated helmet - the Protection Inc. Toptex.

24.08.2020  Here we go: APH-6  VA-215 VIETNAM 1964.

10.08.2020  ...Today's update:  USN APH-5 VS-37 1960.

28.07.2020  ...Again NAVY! APH-5 VA-176 Caribbean 1963 - text and pictures added.

17.07.2020  ...and finally some USN gear! APH-5 VAH-5 1961 - page update.

13.07.2020  This time a small update: Pictures of the "Pistole 75"( SIG Sauer P220) holster installed on PCU-56 harness. 

09.05.2020  Unfortunately no USN or F-14 gear... :) instead a brief but fascinating history of the Swiss Gueneau 316. Enjoy! 

14.03.2020  Perhaps not too glamorous, but interesting - Comm plugs and adapters and on "Various items 2" section, a 3 pin to AMP ( Mirage III) oxygen mask connector.

09.02.2020  First update of 2020! The other Swiss AF tested NBC protective gear, the MBU-19 / HGU-55 combo.

23.10.2019  Patrouille Suisse red "Party Suit" picture added.

22.09.2019  Directly from the mid ’80, another Swiss AF evaluation - the MBU-13 / CRU-80 / HGU-39 NBC protective headgear.

18.06.2019  SPH-4 B as it was tested during the '90 by the Swiss Air Force. Enjoy!

04.04.2019  Swiss AF early F/A-18 pilot gear - MA-2 Torso Harness / LPU-23 Life Preserver.                                    Swiss AF Gloves page update - Touch screen compatible GS/FRP-2 Gloves  

07.03.2019  German Luftstreitkräfte canvas flying helmet with common pattern flying goggles.

07.03.2019  Yet another variant of the French Type 11 flying helmet of WWII.

07.03.2019  Swiss Fliegertruppe over-boots worn by observers during WWII and post war.

03.03.2019  Swiss AF aerobatic team "Patrouille Suisse" past and present flightgear -  New page.

07.02.2019  And now for something completely different: Swiss AF target towing EKW C-3605 "Shleppmechaniker"

15.01.2019  Swiss Air Force DH-151 history and DH-151-BAMF 2 "lightweight" ; new pages.

02.01.2019  USN APH-6 RVAH-7 and APH-7 RVAH-7 pages updated - have a look!

01.01.2019  Shiny "pearl white" Swiss Gentex Bauer /Protection Inc. DH-151, (F-5 E and Mirage IIIS)  pages added.  

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