23.10.2019  Patrouille Suisse red "Party Suit" picture added.

22.09.2019  Directly from the mid ’80, another Swiss AF evaluation - the MBU-13 / CRU-80 / HGU-39 NBC protective headgear.

18.06.2019  SPH-4 B as it was tested during the '90 by the Swiss Air Force. Enjoy!

04.04.2019  Swiss AF early F/A-18 pilot gear - MA-2 Torso Harness / LPU-23 Life Preserver.                                    Swiss AF Gloves page update - Touch screen compatible GS/FRP-2 Gloves  

07.03.2019  German Luftstreitkräfte canvas flying helmet with common pattern flying goggles.

07.03.2019  Yet another variant of the French Type 11 flying helmet of WWII.

07.03.2019  Swiss Fliegertruppe over-boots worn by observers during WWII and post war.

03.03.2019  Swiss AF aerobatic team "Patrouille Suisse" past and present flightgear -  New page.

07.02.2019  And now for something completely different: Swiss AF target towing EKW C-3605 "Shleppmechaniker"

15.01.2019  Swiss Air Force DH-151 history and DH-151-BAMF 2 "lightweight" ; new pages.

02.01.2019  USN APH-6 RVAH-7 and APH-7 RVAH-7 pages updated - have a look!

01.01.2019  Shiny "pearl white" Swiss Gentex Bauer /Protection Inc. DH-151, (F-5 E and Mirage IIIS)  pages added. Working on Swiss DH-151 models and history, stay tuned!  

08.12.2018  A Swiss made anti nuclear flash visor? The H-5 gold visor - have a look! 

02.12.2018  Swedish FFV-111 "Flyghjälm" now fitted with MS-22001 "Syrgasmask". New pictures. 

03.07.2018  Swiss AF "Bits and Pieces" section updated : oxygen masks retention receivers and clips - new page added. 

18.06.2018  Swiss AF "Panzerkombi" page updated, have a look!

17.06.2018  Here comes yet another interesting variant of the ubiquitous LKpW101 Luftwaffe winter flying helmet. This one features a friction buckle for the throat microphones which does not show up often, plus attachment points for two- and three-strap oxygen masks.

17.06.2018  Today's update features a second LKpW101 Luftwaffe helmet. It was reportedly used by a French pilot in 1945/46 during flight tests with captured Luftwaffe aircraft. That's why we complete the display with a pair of French OTO (Model 245 ?) flying goggles.

16.06.2018  Remaining in the inter-war years, we can show you what Finnish Ilmavoimat aviators would have worn in the 1930's before being issued with airborne radio equipment.

16.06.2018  An early specimen of the IJNAF's 1930's type summer flying helmet has been added to the collection. Now you can compare it with the late pattern, which is also featured on our website.

12.06.2018  Our Armée de l'Air WWII Airaile Type 11 is now equipped with a Ulmer Type T 12 oxygen mask and ready for high altitude missions.

12.06.2018  Regia Aeronautica SAFAR 8035 page added. This specimen represents the early pattern of this type of Italian WWII winter leather flying helmet.

05.06.2018  Swiss AF "Sunglasses" page added. 

08.05.2018  Swiss AF "gloves" page updated, Mirage III S "gant longs" pictures added. Enjoy!

09.04.2018  Swiss AF "Boots and shoes" page updated, "Bückerschuhe" section added.

19.03.2018  The possible Swiss "atomic" headgear combo HGU-55 / EEU-2/P anti flash goggles and a short article on the Swiss nuclear weapon program. New page.

04.05.2018  +++ UPDATE+++UPDATE+++UPDATE - New data regarding EEU-2/P Swiss AF tests added. 

03.03.2018  Here's an update on Japanese WWII headgear, including new pictures of the private purchase IJNAF/IJAAF helmet, the addition of an IJNAF cloth summer helmet and the upgraded list of flying goggles used by Japanese army and naval aviators.

11.01.2018  PCU-56/ LPU-26 Torso Harness" page updated.


07.01.2018  WWII life vests (also referred to as "mae wests") used by the USAAF/USN, RAF/RCAF and German Luftwaffe. New pages.

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