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This site has been created by a small group of Swiss collectors who combined their efforts and material in order to show what is hopefully an interesting array of flightgear from different countries and eras.

The main purpose of this website is to create interest among collectors and other historically and technically interested people. Hopefully we can provide useful information and reference for both novice and experienced collectors who may then want to share their interest, experience and ideas in a discussion about this wide area.

This site is still far from being complete. In fact, we don’t know if it will ever be. It will see constant updates with new items and descriptions, documents and pictures. We will possibly include items from friends' and guest's collections while trying to maintain a standard layout throughout. Any ideas and additional information from our visitors are welcome!

We are well aware that this site may contain errors and misjudgements, both technical and historical. So feel free to let us know your comments and corrections in order to improve our knowledge and the quality of our website. We as collectors and administrators are always eager to learn and to improve.

Quite often one can hear stories about neglected flying clothing and equipment, sadly deteriorating through lack of care, attention or interest. If you have such a piece at home, do get in touch with us. We guarantee to give it first-class accommodation! It can perhaps be restored and shown to other collectors and enthusiasts via this webpage.

We are an amateur, non-profit group, and if you even wish to donate any items, we would love to hear from you! We have limited funds for new acquisitions and would be happy to make a sensible offer for the right items. While they may be an old piece of junk to you, they could be our lifeblood here!

The descriptions are by nature based on information coming from a wealth of various sources – original documents, publications of all sorts and of all eras, fellow collectors, experts and last but not least – if we are lucky – from the former owners/users of the equipment. Quite a few descriptions on this site are derived from one of our prime sources for information about WWI & WWII flightgear, the books "Vintage Flying Helmets" and "Luftwaffe vs. RAF" by Mick J. Prodger (Schiffer Pub. Ltd.), with the kind permission from the author. And, there are many others around the globe who have helped us, and still do. Thanks a lot to everyone of you!

Of course, any error or faulty information you may find on this website is the entire responsibility - in all conscience, and to the best of our knowledge and belief - of the team of

While we try to provide detailed and adequate resolution pictures which can easily be downloaded for private use, we are well aware of the fact that they might be re-posted elsewhere. No problem there, but in this case we would appreciate if you quote our website as reference. In case you wish to use our pictures for commercial purposes we would be more than willing to provide hi-res photos. Just click on the "contact" button and tell us about it.

Enjoy your visit!

Your team

Legal note:


This is a private, non-commercial website run by amateur collectors who definitely lack the funds for lawyers and lengthy legal disputes.

Unless otherwise stated, all pictures and documents within this site are either property of, or their use has been approved by the owner, or they are considered public domain (to our knowledge).

Should any picture or document represent a violation of copyright, please let us know by contacting our webmaster. The document will then be properly credited or removed from this website. Thank you.



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